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Web Feed workflow

Having just returned from nine days snowboarding with no internet access, I’m presented with the daunting task of catching up. Work and my few personal email accounts weren’t too bad, with unread counts in the low hundreds. However, NetNewsWire was happily advising me that I had over 600 unread posts.

I’ve grouped my feeds into groups that are roughly topic based, but also based on whether I can live without reading them. This allowed me to simple mark as read about half the unread count. I’ve probably missed some things, but they were likely to be things I could live without.

What troubles me is the remaining posts. There is probably about half of those that I will want to catch up on. The catch is that I won’t know which half until working my way through them all. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

On one hand, I won’t miss things that I would normally have missed by my previous web browsing workflow (visit sites and check). On the flip side, I’m now getting rather close to information overload. The next step from here is to try and cull out feeds that I’m not as interested in.

At least I can listen to tunes on my iPod nano while I sort it all out.