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Transferrable Skills

After a bit of travel and consulting for my new company, I am reflecting on the skills that I have learnt that transferred and those that did not.

My knowledge of my former company’s products, for obvious reasons, is almost completely useless in my new job. However, the ability to acquire that knowledge - something I was expected to do rapidly at Atex - has proven invaluable. This has led to me having a very good understanding of Qtopia in a very short space of time.

The experience I gained in terms of interacting with customers as a vendor and also from communicating (dare I say selling?) our company’s offering has also been very useful. This recent trip saw me dropped into deep water, and it was disappointing to float without learning any new skills.

Some new challenges are definitely required - rumours of project management may help.

ps. at the moment, Oslo summer looks remarkably like Melbourne winter, drizzle and overcast, with an added bonus of more daylight hours to enjoy it