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Tracking Technology Trends

Robert Scoble recently posted his top list of interesting people for technology. He is a vocal advocate for Friend Feed. It got me thinking about how I go about tracking technology news.

I joined Friend Feed a while ago and added a few of the usual suspects. With Scoble’s list, I set out to add many more to my feed. Using the filtering on the site, I’ve grouped them into a few categories.

I can see the theory behind Friend Feed. Aggregate all these sources, allow comments on items, and provide basic voting. I also like how it will show me interesting items from friends of friends. It is now about improving the signal to noise ratio to get me back more often.

Most of my news still comes in the old fashioned way: blogs.

Newsgator does the magic of keeping them in sync between my Macs, iPhone & PCs. I’ve found it useful to subscribe to some developer’s Delicious feeds; more reliable than waiting for a blog post.

I’m also a big fan of Twitter for ad-hoc discovery and Techmeme for following the overall industry.

Things off my radar? Newspapers and dedicated media outlets. This is a big shift from a few years ago, when I used to read the Green Guide (a section of the Age) and Ars Technica religiously.

Thus my consumption of news shifts further towards being personal and aggregated.