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Tracking a Hen’s Tooth

Ever since February in Florida, I’ve wanted a Burton Zoom backpack.

It started as Transworld’s fault. They pitched it as the best option to carry photography gear to the snow. They are almost right; there are two options: the Burton Zoom and the Dakine Sequence. Both are much of a muchness, and the only back country packs that will safely carry a snowboard and heap of camera stuff.

Things started going wrong on entry to Canada. Tracked down my favorite Burton store … Out of stock. Had them ring around for me, and it turns out Burton was out. They were very helpful and suggest I check online. All online stores, all of in North America, were Out of stock. My best bet … the start of the Australian season.

For almost two months, Trigger Brothers in St Kilda have tried to track one down for me through their Burton rep. Today, they gave me a list of their competitors that would be most likely to have one. The last name on the list, Mordy Surf, hit pay dirt. There was one left in their Camberwell store. Only one. Put on hold. For me!

A hasty exit from work, and a zoomy drive to Camberwell and the quest has finally reached an end. To the best of my knowledge, it was the last one in Melbourne.

Expect lots of random snow photos on flickr this winter!