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SVN, RSS and shell magic on Mac OS X

Bill Bumgarner has a wonderful post on how to setup an RSS feed for a SVN server. This is an interesting approach, especially given how most of my workflow is now RSS based - email, photos, news.

However, the thing that caught my attention was a little command in the midst of his shell scripting:

pbpaste > post-commit

pbpaste isn’t a command I’ve come across before, but one that I looked at and went, “Wow!”.

I’m already a fan of open and have attempted to replicate its behavior on both Windows and KDE to limited success. pbpaste is going to make me miss working on my Mac even more.

pbpaste and its cousin, pbcopy, allow you to redirect the clipboard (PasteBoard) to and from the shell respectively. One of those obvious integration things that makes life a bit easier.

Thanks Apple, you’ve made it harder again to switch away from Mac OS X, and I don’t even have Time Machine … yet.