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Stockholm Tourist Sights

This is my current list of things to do and see if you happen to be visiting Stockholm for a weekend or a bit longer. The list is based on things we’ve seen, or that friends have found.

To get up-to-date tips, contact me directly or via Twitter (@gmwils).

Fjäderholmarna, Stockholm Archipeligo



For suggestions of coffee places on Södermalm, check out this article.


To get around, it is worth getting tickets for the underground train line (Tunnelbana, abbreviated to large signs with a T). It runs pretty much everywhere and will make it easier to see the city.

To transfer from the airport, taxi works out cost effective if there are more than one person travelling. Otherwise, the train system is fast and easy to navigate.

Swedish News

For news in English about what is happening in Sweden, try The Local.

For Swedish, and for Swedish restaurant reviews try På Stan (with Google translate to help).

Language Basics

Almost everyone here speaks perfect English as their second language, so knowing some Swedish isn’t important. That said, some pleasantries always helps.

These few phrases will get you far: