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Statement of intent

My initial aim for this site is to follow my progress of figuring out how to write a Cocoa application using Python. This is entirely possible at the moment, but not well documented, especially if you want to use Cocoa Bindings.

Many things came together all at once to motivate this. Firstly, I started learning Python, secondly, Tiger re-enthused me about OS/X development and thirdly, I finally gave up on my Palm so need to replace HappyDays. HappyDays is a simple application that tracks birthdays and provides reminders, but does it by leveraging existing contacts and calendars.

Update: Tiger provides the integration of the actual birthday into iCal, however does not provide all the functionality that HappyDays does. Given that the primary aim is learning how to write the app, with the app being a side effect, we are still in good shape.