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Set the HTTP User-Agent string in Clojure

I wanted to be able to set the User Agent string for web requests made from Clojure. This is polite when crawling other sites, otherwise the request appears as a generic Java application.

To interact with the web, I’m using a wrapper around the Apache http client.

To add into your project, put the following in project.clj:

:dependencies  [[clj-http "0.1.2"] ...]

The user agent string can be set on each call:

(def http-agent "crawlbot/1.0")
(defn get-body [url]
  (:body (client/get url {:headers {"User-Agent" http-agent}})))

The next step is to move this out to a property that the wrapper can read, so it can be set once. This refactoring isn’t yet justified, as I make a limited number of calls.