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Replacing sublis in Clojure

In porting some Lisp code across to Clojure, I was missing the sublis function, or at least something similar.

The closest I could find was replace, however it failed on nested structures:

user> (replace '{?x ?x_123} '(?x (?y ?x)))(?x_123 (?y ?x))

postwalk-replace from clojure.walk solved the problem:

user> (use 'clojure.walk)
user> (postwalk-replace '{?x ?x_123} '(?x (?y ?x)))(?x_123 (?y ?x_123))

I almost started to write out my own recursive solution. However, I thought that walking clojure data should be a solved problem, and found that replacing elements was also a solved problem.

The more I read through the standard libraries for Clojure, the less code I write.