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Pocket Wizards

Strobist has inspired my purchase of a set of three Pocket Wizards. Rather than spend heaps of time talking about them, I’ve included some of the information I found useful.

The following video explains how they work:

If you want more details, check out the manuals.

My setup now includes three Pocket Wizards, a Canon 350d, a Canon 430ex (and PC sync adaptor), a Nikon SB-26, and I also made a 2.5mm - 3.5mm mono cord to connect the Pocket Wizard to the wired trigger port on my camera.

The eBay remotes are a cheaper option, but don’t include the ability to remote trigger a camera and aren’t as reliable. Make sure to get the version 2 ones if you are shooting Canon. They provided a good way for me to get my feet wet, and helped justify the PW purchase.

Bonus: Sports Shooter shows some cool uses for remote cameras.