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Photography Insights

From the Adobe(r) Lightroom podcast with Catherine Hall:

Pose by asking the participants to role play. For instance, imagine you are in Paris …

This approach has worked really well for Catherine in her shooting of weddings. Especially as the models are usually not professionals, but rather everyday people. By asking them to role play, they can be enticed into interesting poses to match desired composition, without the stiffness associated with directing specific poses.

George Jardine‘s interview technique is simply sublime. This is one podcast series where I do not miss an episode. I went back and listened to the early shows. There is much to learn about photography in these interviews.

From the LightSource podcast with David Tobie from Data Color:

The in-camera highlight clipping is based on the color space that is set.

This is apparently true even if you are shooting RAW.

The implications of this are that you can no longer trust the clipping information. It will clip earlier, as RAW typically captures a wider gamut than say sRGB.

This episode is worth a listen if you are starting to reach the point where colour is important. Especially how colour looks on screen as compared to in print.