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Org-mode for everything

Org-mode is a useful emacs mode for note taking. Recently, I have been extending my use of it to include blogging and my emacs config.

Blogging with org-mode can be done using the orgreader plugin for pelican. There are other blog platforms that integrate org-mode, however this is the one I’m using. This means I can write an org-mode file that is generated into the blog.

Using org-mode for emacs config is a good example of literate programming. It is both easy to modify and self documenting. Github provides support for org docs, so my emacs config is viewable here.

By using org mode for config, it becomes normal to document why you have particular configuration settings. Given how complex configuring emacs usually is, this makes it more sane. The other win is that you can group settings by using org headings.

I use yasnippet to automate creating most documents, such as a blog entry. This helps with not having to remember specific formatting or metadata for different document types. This is useful for conducting interviews. I have created org templates for each role with criteria I want to assess and a range of questions. Then I just create a new doc, add the template, and go.