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On Being a Photographer

From On Being a Photographer:

These basic principles are:

  1. Photographers are not primarily interested in photography. They have a focused energy and enthusiasm which is directed at an outside, physically present, other. They bring to this subject an exaggerated sense of curiosity, backed up by knowledge gleaned from reading, writing, talking, note-taking.
  2. The photographer transmits this passion in “the thing itself” by making pictures, therefore the subject must lend itself to a visual medium, as opposed to, say, writing about it.
  3. The photographer must assiduously practice his/her craft so that there is no technical impediment between realizing the idea and transmitting it through the final print.
  4. The photographer must have the ability to analyze the components of the subject-idea so that a set of images not only reflects the basic categories but also displays visual variety. Intense clear thinking is a prerequisite for fine photography
  5. The photographer is aware that, like all difficult endeavors, to be good at photography requires an unusual capacity for continuous hard work and …

Good luck.

Brilliant book. One that I was drawn to by the sample chapter (pdf), and one I will read again.

If the discussion between David Hurn and Bill Jay was held today, it would be published as a seven part podcast. I’m glad that it comes as a book. This means it stays in my house for years rather than days.