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Leopard Upgrade Reasons

From wincent on Leopard APIs:

Some of the stuff is annoyingly good, in fact; annoying because in many cases I spent days or weeks implementing stuff myself which Apple will be offering “for free” in Leopard.

I will continue to support the older versions of Mac OS X, but only for bug fixes; most of the new feature work will go into the Leopard-only versions.

Apple is likely to continue support for their own products on at least Tiger and Leopard. This makes the case for upgrading less compelling. So far I’ve yet to see anything (aside from Time Machine) that I’m dying for in Leopard.

However, if third party applications start to ship for Leopard only, then each application is going add more weight to my desire to upgrade. This is the brilliance of the ease of programming offered by Mac OS X. Something that seems to get better with each and every release.

I’m hearing “Developers, Developers, Developers”, however this time the music is coming from Apple.

Not a good time to be stuck waiting for an API in Vista …