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Learning Ruby on Rails

This year, my technology goal is to learn Ruby on Rails.

I often try to learn new programming languages, averaging around one a year. Sometimes it is a matter of coming back to a language I haven’t used in a while, other times it is learning a new framework.

After using Ruby for some scripting last year, I decided that Rails was a good choice to learn as a framework this year. Two things convinced me.

Firstly, lots of web innovation appears to arise from the Ruby community. Cucumber is one that has particularly caught my interest.

Secondly is Heroku. This is simply an awesome way to bootstrap a project. No mess, no fuss, code - deploy - repeat. It means I can launch an early version of the app with minimal investment of time or funding.

To dive in deep on a platform like Rails, I’ve taken a few steps:

All of that is the easy part. The next step is to actually write a bunch of Rails code. So far I’m tinkering with example code. However, I do have a larger project in mind which should provide the incentive to carry through. Details on that are for a later date.

If there are sources of good Rails info that you can recommend, please let me know either in comments, Twitter or email.