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Learning Photography on the Web

Ansel Adams’ instructional series (Camera, Negative, Print) was my introduction to photography. Over the last month or two, I found some wonderful other fonts of knowledge on the web. These have given me a more rounded understanding.

Alain Briot’s 11 part series, Aesthetics and Photography, is the best set of articles I have read. Starts at the beginning with an article on How to see Photographically and continues through general photographic theory.

The advantage of this series is that it is about photography as an art form, not specifically digital photography. The included artwork is inspiring and the focus on landscapes struck a chord. This is an artist who is able to write well. The series continues on to topics such as Personal Style and Being an Artist.

As a bonus, the rest of the Luminous Landscape site is packed full of helpful articles. Especially true if you have an interest in outdoor photography.

Digital Outback Photography is another site with a range of good content, including a simple tutorial that covers a little bit of everything. They also have heaps of useful reviews that are from the perspective of actually using the camera.

Their 350d review was helpful in deciding between the 30D and 350D. I ended up going for the 350d on the theory that I can then focus on useful accessories, such as lenses.

Strobist has been a recent find that has heaps of content on using light in photography. An area that I’ve not had much exposure to, I’m looking forward to reading more of this blog.

Darren, of Pro Blogger fame, has started a photography site: Digital Photography School. Contains useful information for beginners to intermediate. There are some strikingly obvious things that are useful to be reminded of, or to discover I didn’t know.

Some recent articles at DPS include:

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