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HFS+ (Case-sensitive, Journaled)

After tracking down why a few apps broke on my new Tiger install, I was starting to ponder the wisdom of formating my main drive as case sensitive. Most things seem to work, but there are a fair few apps that are breaking.

It then occurred to me that as a developer writing software for Mac OS X I owed it to myself to be running on a case sensitive drive for testing purposes. The pain I’m going through with other applications I will never go through with my own apps.

For the few apps that are sufficiently broken to not be fixable by a bit of file re-naming, it is a simple matter of isolating them in their own case insensitive disk image.

Of course I should be able to have a separate partition that I can make case insensitive, but with only 40Gb available I tend to run out of space a lot and am not prepared to have to deal with multiple partitions too.