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Fixing per-user web directories on Leopard

I do most of my web testing and development on localhost/\~gmwils. Unfortunately, the upgrade to Leopard made this very broken.

Apple kindly updated apache from v1 to v2, and as a result the configuration directory moves from /etc/httpd to /etc/apache2. The log directory also moves, from /log/httpd to /log/apache2.

Mike isolated the problem:

When a user is created on your system, a small Apache configuration file is created that enables Apache to serve content from their ~/Sites/ directory. Under Tiger, these files were stored in /private/etc/httpd/users/. From what I can tell, if you’ve done an upgrade from Tiger to Leopard, those files do not get migrated over to the new /private/etc/apache2/users/ folder.

So, in order to make your sites work again, make sure to copy your Apache per-user configuration files from /private/etc/httpd/users to /private/etc/apache2/users.