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Bruce - Presentation software using PyGame

Richard Jones has posted Bruce, the presentation software he used at the recent OSDC.

Various presentation software was used during the conference along with many presentation styles. The ones that stuck out the most were the typical corporate slides in PowerPoint. Usually, as I feel asleep or played on my laptop during these. Presentation Zen needs to be read by many presenters, especially if they missed Paul’s presentation.

The presentation that had the greatest impact at showing live code was Richard’s using Bruce. With PyGame as a back end, there was no application swapping between the demo and the slides. The demos were contained within the slides!

Another interesting presentation platform was Autrijus’s. His talk was built using XUL, the scripting platform created by the Mozilla team. The slides he used are available on his site and you need to follow the link using Firefox to view them. He has even been referenced (unattributed) by a site listing their top five speakers!