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Become a more effective leader

Manager Tools (MT) is a weekly podcast that provides free training on how to be a more effective manager and leader. The hosts have an extensive background in coaching managers and executives.

Management is a skill and it can be learned. Typically it is not taught well, if at all; MT teaches it effectively.

If you’re thinking, “but I’m not a manager, I won’t benefit”, then you’d be wrong. Even if you don’t manage other people, you manage your own time and interact into a larger organization. The skills taught by MT are beneficial to anyone who works for a corporation.

These guys have been podcasting since 2005. There is some benefit to going right back to the start, but if you want to catch up there is a subset of casts that are considered “core”.

I’ve found this podcast to be the best source of on-going knowledge about management, leadership, and communication. Each cast is designed to teach specific actions you can take today.

MT was originally recommended to me be a friend at CSIRO. Since then I’ve listened to most of the episodes. It is that good.