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Apple’s recent announcements disappointing

Admittedly, I was really hoping for a video version of AirTunes. At the moment I’m stuck with way too many wires snaking around my living room to get from my laptop to my surround sound system.

In a similar vein, my other gripe is with video play back in iTunes 6. Even with an Airport Express selected for sound, video plays the sound through the laptop speakers. If I’d wanted it to play through the laptop speakers, I would have asked for it. Yes, there is a delay for wireless music, but I would have hoped they were close to fixing that by now.

As for the iTunes Store announcements, they just add a growing resentment, as due to the Australian music labels, we are out in the cold down here.

My sister recently asked me how to download music. I’d assumed she meant by peer to peer, but no, she wanted to know how to buy online. We have a couple of online options for music purchase in Australia, but none that start with iTunes.

Back to waiting …

On the bright side, I’m stoked with my iPod nano :)