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An Inconvenient (Apple) Truth

There will be no 12” MacBook Pro.

I’m a long time fan of the 12” PowerBook. Mine served me for more years than it should have. It is now being retired for use as a media center, as a black MacBook replaces it.

Almost everything is better. Nicer screen, faster processor, more memory, Intel Inside; you know the list.

The performance really is something. It will take some time to stop waiting for things to happen. Haskell code compiles quickly. And Ligthroom, my main reason for upgrading, is even more productive!

Here’s what I miss from my 12” PB:

Otherwise, it is pretty much the same as the 12” PowerBook. This goes right down to the display adaptors. The SVideo/RGB video adaptor from my PowerBook works a treat. But I’m really going to miss the industrial design niceties from the Pro.